5 Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Fountain for Your Property

Outdoor fountains can be the crowning jewel of any property, bringing a sense of tranquility and adding an elegant focal point to your garden or landscape. Whether you're looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal or create a serene atmosphere for your business, selecting the right outdoor fountain is essential. Here, we provide five key tips for choosing an outdoor fountain for your property to help guide you through the process.

Consider the Fountain’s Size

The first thing to deliberate on is the fountain’s size. It's crucial that your fountain not only fits the physical dimensions of your space but also complements it in a visually appealing manner. For smaller yards or gardens, a large, imposing fountain can overwhelm the space. Opt for compact or tiered fountains to add charm without dominating the area. On the other hand, expansive outdoor spaces may require a more substantial structure to make an impact.

Think About the Fountain’s Material

The material of your fountain will not only influence its aesthetics but also its longevity and maintenance requirements. Common materials for outdoor fountains include concrete, stone, ceramic, and metal, each with its own set of characteristics. Here are a few noteworthy details:

  • Concrete and stone fountains are durable and can withstand various weather conditions, making them ideal for year-round outdoor use.
  • Ceramic fountains are ornate and add an exquisite touch to the landscape, but they may require more gentle care to prevent chipping or damage.
  • Metal fountains can offer a modern or classical look, with options like copper evolving beautifully with time and stainless steel giving a more contemporary feel.

Know Your Water Flow and Sound Requirements

The ambiance created by an outdoor fountain largely depends on its water flow and the sound it produces. Some fountains trickle delicately, while others gurgle or cascade. The choice here is purely about personal preference and the mood you want to set.

A gentle trickle can be serene, ideal for small personal sanctuaries. On the other hand, a louder cascade can cover more noise, which is perfect for larger, busier garden spaces. Test out different fountains to make sure the sound is pleasant to your ears and won’t be disruptive to your neighbors.

Weigh the Maintenance Requirements

Another crucial tip for choosing the right outdoor fountain for your property is to determine the maintenance requirements before committing. All outdoor fountains need some level of maintenance, but the extent can vary greatly depending on the type and design.

Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt buildup and algae growth, and in freezing climates, winterizing is crucial to avoid damage. Additionally, look for features that can simplify upkeep, such as built-in filtration systems or materials that resist staining.

Style and Design

Lastly, consider the overall style and design of the fountain. Is your property's aesthetic more formal and structured, or does it lean toward a natural, organic feel? Your fountain should reflect this style to enhance the cohesiveness of your outdoor space. If you're unsure, look for a timeless design that can adapt to changing trends and remain stylish for years to come.

Regardless of your tastes, LuxenHome has a fountain that’ll fit perfectly with your aesthetic. Our selection of animal water fountains are especially popular for their charm. They can range from cute and casual to regal and sophisticated. Shop with us today to find your perfect match.

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