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About our Mirrors

Selecting Wall Mirrors for Your Space

Illuminate your bathroom or living area by introducing a stylish wall mirror. These elegant and adaptable mirrors effortlessly integrate into your chosen decor, elevating both modern and classic interiors. Whether you opt for sleek, modern designs or elaborate living room mirrors, they can complement your home furnishings or inspire a captivating gallery wall arrangement with your cherished mirrors.

Enhancing Spaces with Contemporary Wall Mirrors

Large wall mirrors blend timeless elegance with modern charm, revitalizing any room. In spacious settings, consider positioning a floor mirror or an expansive rectangular mirror above a low cabinet or console to enrich the space. Their generous size not only enhances light reflection but also makes your living area feel more expansive. In compact spaces, like a bedroom, a full-length mirror on closet doors is perfectly suited. Style-wise, wall mirrors accent your living room's decor. For a diverse look, combine a round gold mirror with striking art for a distinctive setup. Or, for a quirky vibe, assemble a gallery wall featuring brass frames, botanical prints, and a black round mirror above your sofa.

Varieties and Shapes of Wall Mirrors

After selecting the ideal wall mirror for your home, consider the shape that best suits your space. Rectangular mirrors offer a versatile choice for any setting. In the kitchen, a horizontal mirror above a dining table adds a sleek touch. In hallways, create a dynamic look by combining different shapes, like an arch mirror alongside a rectangular table. Round mirrors, on the other hand, lend a contemporary flair to your decor. Mix and match multiple wall mirrors for a unified living room ensemble, or make a bold statement with a solitary round mirror. For an inventive twist, pair it with oval mirrors for a visually intriguing display. Looking for a modern edge? Square mirrors serve as excellent contemporary and adaptable options, perfectly complementing a modern side table.