with compact and easy-to-assemble furniture

Occasions may include moving out of our parent's house for the first time, starting our first job fresh out of college, settling in a new city after a relocation, or purchasing a compact starter home and envisioning the bright future ahead. In these moments, we aim to create a comfortable living space that reflects our style and aspirations. We've all experienced these transitions in life, which can be bittersweet. Our goal is to minimize the challenges and maximize the joy by curating and designing furniture pieces that are stylish, accessible, easy to assemble, and promote modern living.


Modernism flows through our veins. We're captivated by the clean, sleek silhouettes of Bauhaus movement designers, immersed in the perfect blend of practicality and vintage aesthetics from Mid-century masterpieces, and drawn to the simplicity and natural material obsession of Organic Modern style.

The journey from trend-spotter to trend-setter is a significant one, and we invite you to join us on this exciting road ahead.


The conventional belief that good aesthetics come with a hefty price tag doesn't hold true for us. We're ambitious enough to disrupt that notion. It turns out, achieving it isn't as difficult as it seems.

Here is how ↓
cut the middlemen

cut the middlemen

In the conventional furniture industry, middlemen used to claim the largest portion of the pie without contributing any value to the actual products.
no fluff

no fluff

Imagine a company allocating at least 30% of the price you pay to marketing budgets. We, however, prefer to keep things simple.
less markup

less markup

Yes, barriers exist in this industry, often resulting in a lack of transparency and leading to inflated markups driven by greed.


For us, compact doesn't just mean "small". It's about saving space, creating space, and maximizing utility. After all, not everyone begins their life journey waking up in a 4000+ sq.ft home.


It's all about the experience. We all wish every piece of furniture majically appeared in our living room in a single piece. But there is always give or take. Our solution is to make the experience enjoyable instead of miserable. The bottom line is we are not annoyed by the assembly process during product development stage.

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